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Versatile & Healthy Ground Beef Recipe

Every Monday night, my fiance and I love to make a meal that helps to start our week off on a healthy note, but also tastes amazing. Thus, every Monday night we make this simply (yet delicious) ground beef to serve alongside roasted zucchini, and jasmine rice.

The best part about this meal? It’s so easy! I mean, c’mon… what’s better than an delicious and easy to prepare meal?!

However, my fiance and I have learned something interesting about the star ingredient in our favorite meal, the beef: the type of beef we use - grass fed versus grain fed - makes a HUGE difference!

Perfect Protein "Ice Cream" Recipe

I always see AMAZING looking protein "ice cream" on Instagram with super thick, amazing looking texture. BUT I could could never get mine to the same consistency - it felt like a Pinterest fail every time.

However, I think I've finally found the formula that works for me! The recipe goes like this...