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Review: Revere Supplements

Review: Revere Supplements

First, let me preface this with: Revere did let me try their service without charge. However, this review of the service is 100% authentic of my experience and thoughts about this company and what they provide.

What is Revere?

In a nutshell, Revere is a supplement company that uses natural ingredients to help fuel your pre- and post-workout nutrition. This company has three products in the form of powdered drinks: pre-workout energy powder (peach tea flavor), post-strength powder (dark chocolate flavor), and post-cardio powder (vanilla chai flavor).

What makes Revere different than other supplement brands?

The first and probably most obvious is that Revere uses natural ingredients in their products. They use whole food ingredients like pea and brown-rice protein powder, sweet potatoes, tart cherry, and more outlined in this article. Every single ingredient in Revere's products serves a unique and meaningful purpose, which is pretty dang cool. I wholly support this whole foods approach! (*bah dum psh*)

Second, Revere uses a unique method to find your suggested order quantity and product variation via their "Build My Routine" tool. There, you take a quiz to find out which of their supplements and how many servings they recommend you order for a month's worth of supplies, based on how many workouts you do per week and if those workouts are cardio or strength-based. As well, all Revere products come in single serving, transportable pouches. 

Once your "Routine" is set, Revere is subscription-type service where you'll be auto-sent the supplements on a monthly basis.

The Experience

The Pros

  • Those whole food ingredients! I love products that use real-food ingredients. Even more so, I love that Revere can back up the reason for including each ingredient.
  • The taste and texture of the Post-Workout supplements in Vanilla Chai and Dark Chocolate! Dang. Those are so good and thick, even just mixed with water! I've never liked a powder mixed with only water as much as I do Revere! Usually, I need milk instead of water to drink protein-type powders.
  • Easy to travel with! Since these supplements come in transportable, individual packets, you can easily throw these in your gym or travel bag.
  • The workout energy/stamina felt after drinking the pre-workout energy supplement. Although I did not care for the taste (noted below), that stuff works extremely well! It's not a supplement that will give you a 'buzz' like typical pre-workout supplements, but rather I felt a sustained energy during my workouts. Pretty incredible!

The Cons

  • Limited variety of flavors. Each of the three different-functioning supplements only come in one flavor each. Thus, if you don't like that flavor, you're stuck with it. For example, I do not like tea-flavored anything, so naturally I didn't enjoy the taste of the Peach Tea pre-workout energy supplement.
  • If you work out more or less than the amount you noted in your "Build My Routine" survey, you'll be left with too many supplements or not enough. Of course, you can alter your "routine" and alter how many supplement servings you need per month.
  • Because these supplements come in individually packaged serving sizes, they take up a lot of space. This isn't a huge con, but fair warning to make room for these supplements.
  • This is a picky con, but the glass water bottle they send (while super cute), is hard to use for the powders due to the slender bottle mouth. AKA I accidentally poured protein powder on the table and myself while pouring it into the bottle.

The Verdict: Would I use Revere products moving forward?

Although I enjoyed these products (except for one of the supplement flavors), I don't think Revere's subscription-based model works for me. This is because I prefer to use supplements every once in a while versus after every workout - I prefer to fuel my post-workout with full meals instead of drinks. Thus, I like to order my supplements on an ad hoc basis and I don't think I could commit to a subscription model.

However, if you like pre- and post-workout supplements that taste good (provided you like peach tea flavor, unlike me), are auto-sent to you, and are made of whole food ingredients...Revere is absolutely for you! If you prefer a subscription based service for your supplements, I highly recommend using this company.

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