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Review: Moink Box, the Ethically Sourced Meat Subscription Service

Review: Moink Box, the Ethically Sourced Meat Subscription Service

First, let me preface this with: Moink Box did let me try their service without charge. However, this review of the service is 100% authentic of my experience and thoughts about this company and what they provide.

At this point, I think we’ve all seen or heard of documentaries/videos/stories that expose where the majority our meats are sourced from…and it is not pretty.

I’ve struggled with this knowledge many times when going to purchase my meats. Do I go for the more expensive meat in the stores that claims they’re obtained in a sustainable way? How do I even know if the claim is true? Does it taste different? Is it worth it? For the first time, I know where I stand on these questions, thanks to Moink Box.

What is Moink Box?

In a nutshell, Moink Box is a meat subscription service, where you can select one of four “meat box” options and they’ll send the meats fresh to your door. These aren’t just any meats though - all of their meats are from farms where the animals are raised responsibly, meaning they’re non-GMO, raised humanely, and “ethically sourced.”

How does it work?

After going to the Moink Box website, you can select 1 of 4 meat boxes – Beef, Lamb, & Chicken; Beef, Pork, & Chicken; Beef & Chicken; or Beef, Chicken, & Salmon (my pick!). Each box is $159 and contains about 15lbs of assorted meats, based on the type of box you chose. Don’t worry, you can sub out items if you don’t like one of the box items and you do not have to use the meats all at once – you can freeze them. Then, you can select how often you want your boxes delivered. Boxes are shipped on Mondays and arrive nice and fresh within a couple of days, made possible by the dry ice they pack the boxes with.

The "Meat" of the Review: The Experience

The Pros

  • User-Friendly Website/Ordering: I thought ordering my Moink Box was pretty dang easy. The process is straightforward, in my opinion. I could see how people could get tripped up on how to substitute meat cuts, but I thought the company made that clear enough in the order instructions.
  • Timeliness & Personal Touch: My Moink Box arrived on time and fully intact (i.e. nothing missing and the meat was still frozen). As well, it even came with a first-time "moinker" gift - a meat thermometer. Love when companies deliver on time AND add those sweet touches, like the first "moinker" gift, to the experience!
  • Product Flexibility: This company gives you the ability to choose which mix of meats you want. Then, allows you to switch out cuts of meats, if you'd rather have another. As well, you can add on additional pieces to your box for an extra cost. Order flexibility is definitely a pro.
  • Product Variety: The variety of meats available is also a huge plus! One of my more recent goals is to cook more of a variety of foods. With all of these cuts of meats, I got what I was looking for! I cooked Caribbean-spiced chuck roast, Thai sweet chili glazed salmon (pictured at the top of this review), and honey-dijon chicken wings - just to name a few.
  • Overall Product Quality: The cuts of meat appeared to be quality. As an avid chicken breast eater, I was especially able to notice this with the chicken breast - it definitely resulted in more tender than what I'm used to with cheaper chicken from Costco.

The Cons

  • Slight Quality Control Issue: My only bone to pick with this experience (literally) is that my salmon did have some thin, little bones in it. That's not a deal breaker for me, but not exactly ideal. As well, all other cuts of meat were totally fine - just this one small cut had some bones.
  • Cost: The cost (~$10/lb meat) is a bit high compared to my normal shopping trip, but that is to be expected when looking at buying higher quality, ethically sourced meat (I usually buy the cheap stuff).

The Verdict: Would I order Moink Box again?

Yes I would! I think this is a solid company from multiple standpoints - it has a great social mission, allows flexible order specifications, and provides quality products/service. My biggest hesitation in ordering again would be the price. However, you can trust that you'll get what you pay for - high-quality meat! Thus, this box may be an every-other-month service for me. Overall, very positive experience and if this is an ethically-sourced meat subscription/delivery service is of interest to you, I say go for it! This company seems to deliver on their promise, so I would highly recommend using Moink Box.

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