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Review: Daily Harvest, Superfoods Super Fast

Review: Daily Harvest, Superfoods Super Fast


First, let me preface this with: Daily Harvest did let me try their service without charge. However, this review of the service is 100% authentic of my experience and thoughts about this company and what they provide.

I'm always looking for ways to add micronutrients and "superfoods" into my diet on my ever-continuing journey to a healthier lifestyle, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Especially as the holiday season just ended and a new year has started, I know I'm not the only one looking to eat more whole foods! Well, perfect timing to try a company who specializes in making superfoods as easy and convenient as it comes, Daily Harvest!

So what is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest is a company that specializes in mixing and matching superfoods in the form of recipes like smoothies, healthy puddings & sundaes, and soups. Then, they send the raw, frozen form of these recipes (in perfect proportions) directly to you in cups that you keep in the freezer! When you're ready to eat your superfoods, you add liquid to the frozen cup of ingredients and then either mix or heat, depending on the recipe type (i.e. smoothie, soup, etc.). And voilà! You have a superfood-infused meal or snack!

How does it work?

Daily Harvest is a subscription-style service. So, you can choose either weekly or monthly auto-deliveries; then you can fill your box with either the pre-selected bestseller cups or you can curate your own box. For the weekly delivery, you have to have select 6, 9, 12, or 24 cups and for the monthly delivery, you have to select 24 cups. These cups are sold at a minimum of $6.99 per cup, if you select the highest # of cups option, 24 cups. You can pause your auto-subscriptions at any time.

Once you receive your delivery, you will receive a box of frozen recipe cups (they're kept frozen with dry ice in the delivery package). Then, you store them in your freezer until you're ready to prepare! Forewarning: make sure you've cleared out enough space in your freezer for all the cups - they aren't tiny!

The Experience

I tried Daily Harvest's Well + Good variety box, which contained a mix of nine items - a variety of of smoothies, soups, overnight oats, chia parfaits, and healthy sundaes. I ranked the recipe type by flavor below, from best tasting to least.

  1. Healthy Sundaes
    • These get my #1 vote because you get a sweet, delicious, thick-smoothie-like recipe with a bag of crunchy toppings! Amazing! You can't taste the "health" at all, in my experience! 
  2. Smoothies
    • The smoothies were overall very tasty. As well, I loved the variety of flavors offered! Who doesn't love an easy, healthy, yummy smoothie?! The "health" taste is generally hidden well.
  3. Soups
    • The soups definitely tasted "healthy". However, I still thought they were overall good, as long as you add either vegetable or animal broth to them, NOT water! The water did not do the soups any favors. Pictured in the top photo is the Turmeric + Lemongrass Detox Broth prepared with chicken broth & accompanied by a crispy piece of lavash bread - delicious!
  4. Chia Parfaits
    • These were okay - I missed sweetness from mine, but really enjoyed the texture of the chia seeds and chopped up fruits. I could taste the "health," but not in a bad way.
  5. Overnight Oats
    • Not my thing. Maybe it was just the flavor I tried (Pumpkin + Chia Overnight Oats), but I did not like this at all. It was not sweet and just did not please my taste buds; as well, it felt a little slimy. I could definitely taste the "health" and not in a good way.

Now for the general pros and cons of my experience...

The Pros

  • The Variety: Before receiving this order from Daily Harvest, I had heard of this company before and I thought they only sold smoothie mixes. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they offer so many different types of recipes like smoothies, soups, overnight oats, chia parfaits, and healthy sundaes, as mentioned above!
  • Ease of Use: Dang, these recipes are so easy to make! Because Daily Harvest gives you the whole recipe in your frozen cups, all you have to do is add liquid and quickly mix or heat. Doesn't get much easier than that to get in some superfoods!
  • Overall Product & "Healthiness" Quality: It seemed to me that the ingredients used in these recipes were quality ingredients. As well, all of the ingredients used are very healthy and many are "superfoods"! So many health benefits are packed into these products!

The Cons

  • Freezer Storage Space Required: While these cups are super convenient, dang... they take up a lot of freezer space! As well, filled cups are not exactly a space-efficient shape. For a girl who lives in an apartment with limited freezer space, I had a hard time squeezing even nine of these babies in my little freezer.
  • Cost: You get what you pay for, right? Well, especially for this product. You are getting efficient, convenient, healthy, perfectly portioned and superfood-infused recipes, but you are going to pay a pretty penny for them. Like, at least $6.99 per cup and that's only if you buy 24 at one time. If you go with a smaller batch, you're looking at up to $7.99 per cup.


The Verdict: Would I order Daily Harvest again?

This company's mission, delivering convenient & healthy recipes to your door, is amazing. I liked a lot of the recipes (not all) and loved the health benefits! So yes, I’d order from this company in the smaller quantities for those in-a-crunch or on-the-go moments.

In conclusion, I'd highly recommend Daily Harvest to somebody who needs convenient and easy healthy recipes! I can absolutely see how this company could change a busy person's life, in terms of health.

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