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Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test Review

Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test Review

Did you know that a food intolerance is different than a food allergy? That food intolerances can cause symptoms like bloating, acid reflux, brain fog, etc. anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days later?!

Yeah, I didn’t either! I knew certain foods could cause an array of issues, but didn’t know much more than that before taking this Pinnertest food intolerance test.

First, I’ll take you through what Pinnertest is. Second, I’ll share with you my results and if I think they’re accurate!

P.S. This is in no way sponsored or gifted by Pinnertest. I bought this with my own money.

What is Pinnertest?

Pinnertest is an at-home food intolerance test.

What is a food intolerance & what are the symptoms?

As per Pinnertest’s website, a food intolerances “occur when you eat something but it fails to be properly broken down in the intestines. The main reason for this failure may be due to a lack of digestive enzymes among other factors.”

Further, the difference between a food intolerance and an allergy is “that an allergy will manifest itself almost immediately after inhalation or consumption of a particular substance. Food intolerances, on the other hand, are more deceptive. Depending on the individual, symptoms may arrive anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days.”

What is the testing process?

Pinnertest makes testing so easy! First, you order online and get approved for the test. Second, Pinnertest ships the at-home test to you. The test is a small blood sample. Upon receiving the test, you open the sterile kit, clean your finger, prick a finger (it’s clean and just a small, easy prick), and put the small amount of blood on the testing kit. From there, you ship it back off with the return packaging provided and wait a couple of weeks for Pinnertest to receive and test your blood sample! Once tested, you will receive an email with your test results.

Here’s my specific process timeline: I ordered my test on Friday, August 31. My test was approved on Monday, September 3. My test was shipped to me on Tuesday, September 4. I received it Friday, September 5. I sent back the test to Pinnertest on Monday, August 10. I received my results on Thursday, August 27. Not too bad of a process!

What do the test results look like?

The Pinnertest food intolerance test results come in an easy-to-digest PDF with two columns of foods: reaction (avoid) & no reaction. If you have foods in the “reaction (avoid)” category, that means you have some level of intolerance to that food. The level of reaction you have is rated +1 (low reaction), +2 (moderate reaction), and +3 (high reaction).

How much does it cost?

Point blank: it’s not cheap. Regular price is $490. However, if you sign up for their emails, you will get discount offers - woohoo! I ended up getting mine for 1/2 price for their Labor Day sale (yeah I know, I’m super late in writing this blog post - whoops!).

My Results and Accuracy Opinion


Per my Pinnertest results, I have a high reaction to avocados…so sad! But, that was my only high reaction. I have a moderate reaction to tuna, tilapia, anchovy, and lentils. No low reactions.

Not too many foods on the reaction list! I eat tuna and tilapia occasionally, but never anchovy or lentils. The kicker for me was the avocado… I love avocado! I don’t eat it a ton, but love it when I do.



In my experience… YES YES and YES. Well, at least in regards to the high-reaction food listed - avocados. The other level of reaction foods… eh, not as much.

Back to the avocados though. When I saw the test results, a light bulb went off - duh! It was so obvious, but I had never put 2 and 2 together. Thinking back on times I ate avocado in the recent past, I know I felt many of the symptoms related to food intolerances - bloating, acid reflux, brain fog, etc.

It was divine timing to receive these test results. I had eaten 2 ounces of avocado the Tuesday before receiving my results. That night, I felt bloated. I woke up the next morning with my weight +1 pound over normal, which was followed by more bloating and horrible acid reflux that night. I even complained to my fiance about how horrible it felt! Two days post-avocado, I weighed in +2 pounds over normal. I didn’t understand why… until that Thursday afternoon when I received my results.

Now, I’m happy to know that foods like my favorite sandwich from Jimmy John’s (the Beach Club) don’t bloat me! Instead, the small amount avocado on those foods do the bloating… I can have my favorite sandwich again, worry and avocado-free!

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