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6 Ways to Get Motivated to Run

6 Ways to Get Motivated to Run

Half the battle of exercise is executing the famous slogan, Just Do It. If that method doesn't quite work for you, here are a few tips/tricks that I use to get myself motivated to get out there and run. Since I'm somebody who needs a combination of both internal and external motivators to get me going, I've divided these tips into those two categories so you can find what combo works best for you!

External Motivators

#1 Find an "In the Zone" Playlist or Podcast

This is my #1 external motivator - I love listening to a good running playlist. The criteria? One that pumps me up and puts me in a 'happy run' mood. I like a mix of new songs, along with some familiar ones. It keeps things interesting and I can sing along once in a while! That being said, I tend to listen to other peoples' playlists because they tend to have a mix of the new and the familiar. I'm a Spotify girl and one of my all-time favorite playlists is "Run" by Neil Lall.

If you aren't a music person, try listening to a podcast or an audio book! It's a great way to get out of your head while running. My personal favorite podcast at the moment is Bucci Radio by Amanda Bucci. This podcast features various fitness topics and personalities. If you're looking to learn more about diet, exercise, and more, this one's for you!

#2 Make it Scenic 

Now I know this isn't always possible because of convenience and time crunches, BUT if you can, go run outside on a trail or somewhere other than a treadmill! Not only will the beautiful scenery and/or people watching distract you, but if you run on a popular trail, the other runners will inspire you! There's something comforting about seeing people of ages, abilities, and circumstances sharing a common interest. Corny, I know, but hey, it's inspiring to watch that person pushing a stroller fly past you!

If you're stuck on the dreadmill (not a typo), make your run scenic by watching YouTube or Netflix! I love watching my favorite Fitness Vloggers who include: Heidi Somers ("Buffbunny"), Amanda Bucci, and Sarah's Day to name a few.

#3 Look Good, Feel Good

This one is about confidence. You're about to do something positive for your body and mind, so why not look the part! Investing in activewear that made me feel good was a pivotal part of my running story. It may sound shallow, but there's nothing shallow about respecting your body enough to put on some gear that makes you feel confident. You're doing something positive for your body by choosing to go on that run, so do something positive for your confidence too - it's good for the body and mind.

Internal Motivators

#4 Set Goals

Whether you're a beginner or an ultra marathoner, you can and should set fitness goals for yourself! These goals can be tangible, like achieving a certain pace, or intangible, like using running to change your body image and/or confidence level. Even further, these goals can be long-term or short-term. My suggestion? Set a range of goals! Not only do goals help you better yourself in the long run, but they can motivate you to go on that run today that will get you one step closer (buh dum psh) to your goals! Here are some of my current running goals to give you some ideas:

  • Run on the trail across from my apartment (not on the treadmill) at least once per week

  • Complete my upcoming half marathon in August, the Lululemon Seawheeze, in under 1 hour and 50 minutes

  • Finish every single long run strong by pushing my pace past its comfort zone on the last mile. Make that mile one of the fastest.

#5 Visualize Your Goals

Running is physical, but it is equally mentally (believe it or not!). Now that you're thinking about goals, the next tip is about visualizing those goals. Visualize how good you'll feel, how proud you'll be when you reach that goal and know that this run will get you that much closer to those feelings. Use those thoughts to help you push past those mentally "I can't do it times". This tip may sound corny, but it sure does work.

#6 Go Hard, but Not Too Hard

Before you go on that run, remember, you don't have to go overboard and sprint the whole thing if you aren't at that level yet. My advice: don't push yourself so hard that you never want to run again. I'm not saying don't challenge yourself, but at the same time, you want to keep running enjoyable! Let it be your escape and your "you" time to listen that music or podcast, enjoy the scenery, get one step closer to your goals, and embrace the process to achieve those goals

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