Hey there!


My name is Ashley and I'm a 28 year old with passion for an unlikely combination, running and powerlifting! Growing up, I had a knack for long-distance running, but constantly fell in and out of running condition. During summer of 2013, I made it my mission to start running further than I ever had before by training for my first half marathon. The love for distance running stuck and since my first Half Marathon, I have participated in 7 additional Half Marathons (PR 1:39:20, 7:35 min/mi) and 1 Full Marathon (PR 3:33:59, 8:10 min/mi). 

Where does powerlifting come into play? Well, before my marathon in February 2016, I decided to start incorporating weight lifting to supplement my training. I was hooked! Not only did my running pace decrease significantly, but I loved how the muscles shaped my body and how strong I felt! That's when I knew there was something to this weight lifting thing.

In August 2016, I moved away from my old, convenient running trail. To make up for the lack of outdoor running spaces, I started looking for some kind of training group around Dallas. This is when I found my current gym, which has a powerlifting focused class several times per week. So, I decided to take my weight training to a new level and started powerlifting in October 2016. I still consider myself a newbie in the powerlifting space and have not competed in a powerlifting meet and I'm unsure if I ever will. For me, the draw of powerlifting is the journey to strength and the amount I've learned about this intricate sport.

I'm here to share my experiences with my newfound passion for powerlifting and my old love for running!


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