Perfect Protein "Ice Cream" Recipe

I always see AMAZING looking protein "ice cream" on Instagram with super thick, amazing looking texture. BUT I could could never get mine to the same consistency - it felt like a Pinterest fail every time.

However, I think I've finally found the formula that works for me! The recipe goes like this...

Should you cut out certain foods from your diet?

If you're trying to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle, should you cut out certain foods from your diet? No sugar? No processed foods? No fruit?

My opinion? No, you should not cut out any foods you enjoy because sustainable diets are actually lifestyles. My belief is all foods in moderation. That means I think you can still have a donut or an Oreo or bananas, but maybe not every single day or mass amounts in one sitting.

Review: G2G Protein Bars

These bars are top notch. Great flavors - true representations of the bar flavor names and the texture is very dense, thick, but soft and almost creamy. With those flavors and that texture...wowow. So good!

They get even better though. They're made with good-for-you ingredients. So good they recommend you to store them in the refrigerator do freshness. No artificial junk in these! That also means no bloating due to chemical ingredients (#winning).

For individual flavor reviews, keep on reading! For my flavor rankings, from best to less best (because these were ALL good), scroll to the very bottom of this post!

Why Running AND Powerlifting?

When you think of a typical runner, you think: lean, mean, endurance queen, or king of course. On the other hand, when you think of a typical powerlifter, you think: bulky, bro, stand back - I'm waiting for this guy turn into the hulk at any moment.My point is running and powerlifting don't appear to have much in common. So, why and how can you do both? Here are my reasons why, then I'll go into the how.

My Diet-Style

Okay, so you've heard "abs are made in the kitchen" - well, what does that mean? Should I only eat veggies? But what about my sweet tooth? Do I just have to stop eating all together?!

The answer to those questions? No, no, and no! The motto of my diet-style is balance and moderation. Food to fuel my fitness goals, as well as my inner foodie! Okay, but what does that actually look like? A combination of IIFYM, Clean Eating, and Intuitive Eating

6 Ways to Get Motivated to Run

Half the battle of exercise is executing the famous slogan, Just Do It. If that method doesn't quite work for you, here are a few tips/tricks that I use to get myself motivated to get out there and run. Since I'm somebody who needs a combination of both internal and external motivators to get me going, I've divided these tips into those two categories so you can find what combo works best for you!